The roller shutters offer an external protection against a variety of external influences and unwanted views.


External mount-on visible

External mount-on roller shutters are the most widely used among all shutters, allowing for independent installation on all types of buildings. There is no need to plan the installation of these shutters in advance since they are mounted on a finished façade.

We offer three types of mount-on visible roller shutters: IDEAL, QUARTER-OVAL and OVAL.



External concealed

If you want to shade the room with shutters without greatly changing the exterior appearance of the building, the concealed plaster base shutters are the ideal solution.
They are mounted on the building after window installation and before the façade is created, therefore advance planning is required accordingly.

There are two types of concealed shutters: concealed 90° and concealed 20°.



Built-in roller shutters

Built-in roller shutters are featured by attractive design. This type of shutters is mounted while the windows are being installed. The box is completely invisible from the outside, covered with the façade. Due to additional insulation in PVC box these shutters are also the most insulating of all.

We offer two types of built-in roller shutters: Multi-Rollbox, INLINE 225 and TERMOBOX-R.




FALCON is a brand-new innovation that promises a new dimension of shading. Multifunctional roller shutter FALCON offers, in addition to the basic functions of the blinds, such as thermal protection and privacy, other desirable features, such as: compact design, anti-theft protection, premium look, long service life, brighter interior and airflow while the shutter is down and easy maintenance.



Why choose Roller shutters?

  • Roller shutters offer excellent protection against a variety of external influences and unwanted views.
  • Additional thermal and sound insulation.
  • Burglars protect from (security rollers).
  • Insect protection (with insect screen integrated in the box).
  • Excellent stability and durability in addition to practically no maintenance.




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