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Five things to consider if you want energy-efficient windows

The right windows can enhance the overall appearance of a building, increase the value of the real estate, and improve energy efficiency. But with so many options, what to consider when choosing the best windows?

Energy efficiency is definitively the most crucial aspect to consider. Windows are 25% up to 30% responsible for the energy spent to heat or cool your home.

When shopping for energy-efficient new or replacement windows, keep the following five things in mind.



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The energy efficiency of windows is measured by their U-value, with lower numbers indicating better heat insulation. In short, the lower the U-value, the higher the energy efficiency.

As a rough example, a single-glazed window might achieve a U-value of around 3,0 W/m2K, whereas most modern triple-glazed windows offer 0,9 W/m2K and even lower.

Choose the right window glazing

Thanks to the extra pane and air gap, there’s no doubt that triple-glazing offers better U-values compared to double-glazed windows. And this directly translates into higher comfort of living all year round, in addition to increased energy savings and improved sound insulation.

Install shades and blinds

Installing shades and blinds is another way to improve energy savings. In hot summer, they’ll offer additional protection from direct sun rays. In winter, on the other hand, you can reach passive heating on sunny days, while on colder winter nights, closing them can help insulate your home.




Some of the most common and efficient window frame types are wood,
PVC and aluminium.
PVC / plastic window frames

PVC windows offer various benefits. They require very little maintenance while also offering high energy efficiency. In addition to a standard white colour, you can choose an array of different colour finishes and designs.
What’s more, plastic windows have a more affordable price compared to other materials, such as wood and wood-aluminium windows.

Wood window frames

Wood windows provide excellent thermal insulation. Wood is innately more insulating than other common frame materials. A vast array of paints and stains are available to give your home a charming, warm feel.
Wood window frames are versatile because you can refurbish them. On the other hand, they also require regular maintenance.  

Aluminium window frames

Aluminium windows are an absolute favourite for contemporary homes and especially buildings. Aluminium can support a large glass expanse, enabling super-thin frames to maximise views and natural light. They can be powder coated in almost any colour. On top of that, aluminium windows are virtually maintenance-free and highly durable. The downside of aluminium is its high conduction of heat and cold.

Composite windows (alu-clad)

Wood-aluminium windows offer the best of both materials. For example, wood frames with aluminium cladding are visually appealing, have a low-maintenance exterior, and are highly energy efficient.
They’re at the top end in terms of price. Still, they offer an appealing combination of warmth and character internally, excellent energy performance and sleek weatherproof cladding on the outside.




How pivotal is the maintenance of windows to you? If you consider easy maintenance one of your priorities, opting for PVC or aluminium windows might be the right choice. Likewise, wood windows with an alu-clad exterior will provide a premium option with low maintenance.


A high-quality window installation is a must to guarantee the thermal insulating properties of the window entirely. Only a properly installed window will prevent air leaks and drafts on joints between the window and the wall.




While cost is undoubtedly crucial, choosing a quality product is imperative. It is vital to select an energy-efficient window of the highest quality that will provide energy savings, ease of use, and low maintenance to hold up over time. At Aluest, we pride ourselves on modern automated production and only work with reliable partners. All our products are tested and equipped with a promise of high quality and durability.




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